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DAMAC Hills 2 recorded a surge in transactions in the ready-made housing market

The DAMAC Hills 2 community has reached record levels in real estate sales. The most popular type of housing is ready-made villas.
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April 19, 2024
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Likewise, a surge in the number of transactions in the ready-made housing market was recorded. Over the past three years, more than 1,700 villas were sold, demonstrating the high demand for housing in the community.

The attractiveness of DAMAC Hills 2, home to more than 30,000 people, is underpinned by the growing rental market. The most popular rental option is 6-bedroom villas, followed by 3-bedroom villas. Apartments are also in high demand; in the past nine months, the cost of renting a 2-bedroom apartment has increased by 44%.

In addition, an increase in prices for off-plan properties was recorded in the district. For example, in 2023, the average cost for an apartment per sq. ft increased by 16% compared to 2021.

The steady growth of housing prices in DAMAC Hills 2 is due to the ongoing development of infrastructure, the addition of places like Water Town and Sports Town, Pavilion entertainment zones and the influx of wealthy investors to the emirate. Given the development trends, real estate in the area will continue to be in high demand in the coming years.
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The Dubai Land Department (DLD) recently reported that real estate in the prestigious area of DAMAC Hills 2 is now the most sought-after in the UAE
Growing rental market
Development of infrastructure
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