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Rental disputes in Dubai will be resolved by a robot judge

The resolution of rental disputes in Dubai will be under the control of metaverse technology. The RDC presents innovative projects that will help the emirate's judicial system.
October 18, 2023
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The Dubai Rental Dispute Resolution Centre (RDC) unveiled innovative digital solutions during GITEX Global 2023. One of the key projects of the RDC is "Metaverse Litigation". This will be the world's first virtual real estate litigation platform to use metaverse technology.

The revolutionary initiative is designed to change the approach to conflicts that arise in the field of rental housing. Such an approach should provide a better experience for all who've entered into a legal relationship together. The new service provides access to an integrated court system that uses artificial intelligence to provide a variety of services.

As of now, if a tenant does not pay their rent, the landlord can file a lawsuit online and receive a decision in a few minutes, without the need for judicial intervention. The virtual platforms reflect the RDC's commitment to improving and automating the judicial system in order to set new, more effective standards in the legal field.

At the exhibition, the RDC presented two more important projects: the Kashif platform and Smart Judge technology. Kashif simplifies the enforcement of court rulings through digital integration with government agencies. Artificial intelligence independently searches for the property and assets of the participant in the enforcement proceedings. Smart Judge technology provides free legal advice and reads clients their rights before litigation begins.
Effective standards in the legal field
Digital integration with government agencies
«Metaverse Litigation» — This will be the world's first virtual real estate litigation platform to use metaverse technology
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