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Dubai's population growth is forcing advancements in healthcare

International Modern Hospital is increasing the number of services offered and intends to serve twice as many people. The impetus for this development was the rapid growth of the emirate's population.
November 10, 2023
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Thanks to the modernisation of infrastructure and the renewal of resources, the medical facility plans to serve twice as many people in the coming years. This became a necessity due to the rapid growth of the population and the demand for additional services.

IMH has upgraded its resources, increased the number of available inpatient beds and modernised the equipment in the operating theatres. These improvements are part of the Dubai Vision 2030 program, which provides for increased funding for the healthcare sector. This approach will help to increase Dubai's attractiveness to people who come for medical treatment and to those who plan to relocate here on a permanent basis.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of IMH, Sheikh Aidroos Hassan Omar Alesayi, said that population growth has had a direct impact on the development of healthcare in the emirate. According to him, the demands of the population for various medical services have increased dramatically in Dubai. This is due to the fact that a large number of people, including those who travel to Dubai for treatment and recovery, have been relocating to the emirate. This growing demand pushes for the renewal and modernisation of healthcare resources.

Dubai is one of the most popular cities in the world for foreigners, thanks to its safety and stability. The favourable living environment, work culture and investment opportunities positively affect the growth of the population and the development of infrastructure, including medical services. Given the government's plans to develop medical tourism and make Dubai one of the main healthcare centres in the region, there will be major advancements in the healthcare system in the emirate in the coming years.
Modernisation of infrastructure
Rapid population growth
International Modern Hospital (IMH) is one of the oldest hospitals in Dubai with a rich history.
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